Eye-n-Sky LLC         

Products for Idaho's backcountry pilots



Eye-n-Sky LLC is dedicated to providing products that enhance safe flying in the Idaho backcountry.  Our flagship product is a backcountry weather system that provides a detailed snapshot of flying conditions wherever it is located.  Wind speed and direction, air temperature, barometric pressure with rising/falling trend, rain amount, and humidity are provided.  The standard system includes a webcam for uploading images that can tell snow cover, presence of animals on the runway, or cloud ceiling.   Systems are available that can run independently, completely off of the electrical grid, although tapping into existing power and internet connection is a more economical solution.

Eye-n-Sky LLC has built six systems that are currently reporting weather conditions in the Idaho backcountry:  Root Ranch, Flying B Ranch, Sulphur Creek Ranch, Big Creek, Yellow Pine, and Josephine Creek.    Two new sites are under consideration and will soon be available for public use.  Click here to see the index page.


In addition to backcountry weather systems, Eye-n-Sky LLC provides cargo bags for Husky 2-seat planes that were built without a cargo box.  This cloth bag is half the weight of the aluminum cargo box and substantially less expensive.  It is available for current aircraft without the cargo box, but we are working with Aviat to provide these bags for new aircraft.  Click here for more details

For additional information, please email us at info@eye-n-sky.com